Farmer Street


Farmer Street has been designed as 2 separate buildings which have a shared language characterised by simple robust forms and strong, graphic silhouettes. Consisting of 9 townhouses – 5 north facing townhouses with street access from Farmer Street and 4 hybrid lofts accessed from the lane at the rear.

Design & Architecture

The singular form of the building hides a complex plan that maximises the use of the site but maintains amenity to the dwellings. A central courtyard provides a buffer between the north and south dwellings and allows for daylight and cross ventilation to all the units. A limited material palette has been selected for their quality, longevity and low maintenance to ensure that the buildings will age gracefully.


Colourful, vibrant, off-beat Richmond straddles the North-South divide with aplomb. Characterised by the contrast between the warehouses of its industrial heritage and the tight residential street behind with never-ending rows of cheek-to-jowl timber workers’ cottages. Farmer Street Townhouses are the first stage of a 2 stage infill development by Beams Projects and MAArchitects at the eastern end of Swan Street – Farmer Cutter & Swan. Stage 2 faces directly to Swan Street and consists of 50 apartments with 5 retail shops at street level.

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