Nicholson Street


The development comprises a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses located in the heart of tree lined Abbotsford. Complemented by a generously landscaped garden, two larger townhouses face Nicholson Street and establish a considered street presence. Seven north facing townhouses at the centre of the site, each with their own private roof deck, are accessed from a common walkway, whilst three loft townhouses face Little Charles Street at the rear.

Design & Architecture

Designed with MAArchitects the predominantly brick building seeks to respond to Abbotsford’s rich architectural heritage, whilst contributing a contemporary yet considered addition to the local streetscape.

Patterned white brick and feature brick panels have been selected to create a foil to the landscaping, as well as providing a ‘neutral’, fine grain texture to transition between the 2 adjoining buildings to the south and the colourful contemporary building to the north. The beauty of the masonry facades is that they will improve over time. The bold form of Nicholson Street is in turn softened by a considered landscape design. The robust exteriors are complemented by simple yet sophisticated residential interiors, with a material palette made up of bagged brickwork, oak timber flooring and stone.


Interspersed amongst the newer developments, Abbotsford is populated by historically significant houses and warehouses, such as the Denton Hat Mills warehouse on Nicholson Street. The Denton Hat Mills is a large Hawthorn brick building with cream brick detailing and a tripartite façade expression. It is the original cottages and warehouses which informed the DNA of the project’s architectural identity.

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Nicholson Street was acquired by Beams in late 2016. Midway through 2017 Beams obtained development approval for 12 large townhouses, designed in collaboration with MAArchitects. The property was sold later that year.

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